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Liberty Grand Wedding

Creative Portrait of the Groom at Liberty Grand Wedding

Most Toronto wedding photographers find the bride and groom preparation the most challenging but also the most rewarding. During this gorgeous wedding at Liberty Grand had my fair shares of challenges but also created perfect wedding photos.

Always Improving Photography

A professional wedding photographer always works the shot. First the to see photograph to cover your bases. Next, you try a different angle, change the aperture or as the subject to move so that the neck shot is better than the previous. Long gone are the film days when one hand a limited number of shots at his disposal. These days it can easily take 5 to 10,000 digital images so don't be lazy. Keep shooting! Try different angles, different lighting scenarios, shoot through the glass, Christmas lights, leaves etc.

Honestly, I was very motivated to shoot this wedding in downtown Toronto like nobody else. Why so?

First, it was the first time I was shooting at this wedding venue. Yes in the past I did the stylized shoot to a decorator but is not the same. This wedding venue poses huge challenges but it has a certain elegance that gives the wedding photos a romantic feel. If you are a Toronto wedding photographer, you have to shoot at Liberty Grand.

Let's talk about the good elements of this splendid building in downtown Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

The court here is absolutely gorgeous, adorned with a fountain, a beautiful statue and plenty of places where we can take stunning bride and groom photos or family pictures.

Second, the Renaissance and Centennial room post huge arched windows that allow plenty of lights to come in. That, gives the smart wedding photographer a great opportunity to shoot a variety of looks in a relatively small spot.

You can achieve an ethereal look to place the bride and groom next to the windows and overexposed by three steps. Also, you move them just a few feet next to the window and you can create a moody environmental portrait the couple will love.

Next, take them in front of the huge gates of the domes and you have a perfect photograph such as the one below.

Groom Lifts Bride at Liberty Grand Wedding

Also, the splendid or lighting fixtures, including the chandeliers, create a elements of interest in the wedding photos.

For this particular portrait of the groom, taken early on the wedding day, I found a mirror and placed it on the floor, so that the groom's reflection appears next to his foot.

The viewers, including myself always take a few seconds to understand what's going on in this wedding photography marvel.

The brain is tricked into believing that something is wrong with the photograph and is trying to solve the puzzle. When the brain realizes what is going on, it is overjoyed.

Truth be told, not all wedding photographs are this creative. Most of the time, my peers are happy just to provide coverage on the big day. That, in my opinion is unfair for the couple. While in the greater Toronto area there is a huge amount of talent, there are also plenty of average photographers who create images no better than those taken by the guests.


From composition perspective, this is also an outstanding picture. The groom's face and his shoe are placed along the baroque diagonal, which gives the image dynamism.

While it takes one a few moments to understand the shot, one is rewarded with an abstract portrait that deserves an award.

Location: 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.

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