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Groom Resting Before His Liberty Grand Wedding

Before I became a Toronto wedding photographer I worked for a long time in the corporate environment in one thing I learned was that is crucial to be different. At this wedding I did my absolute best because this wedding venue hosts about 400 special events every year. I knew that Liberty Grand, like many other banquet halls in the GTA are looking for reliable business partners they can refer to prospective couples.

I think you will agree with me that this Liberty Grand wedding gallery certainly doesn't disappoint and includes some of the most beautiful photographs you have ever seen.

Standing Out as a Photographer

If the bride and groom cannot tell the difference between your photos and that of another wedding photographer, you are in trouble. Also, realize that for every one of the 30,000 couples were getting married in the greater Toronto area, there is probably one photographer and videographer trying to get their business.

How can a wedding photographer be different? After all information is so transparent these days and all photographers have access to it.

I couldn't agree more with that! However, while the more information is available at our fingertips, the fewer people are willing to take the time to absorb it and use it. As such, I have yet to meet a Toronto wedding photographer practices on a consistent basis.

For some weird reason, we, photographers expect to improve or work without practicing. We only shoot on the wedding day and expect our photography magically improves. That my friends is nonsense. Did Michael Jordan become the top NBA player only by playing when he was paid? Not at all! He would throw 1000 balls and every day and would not finish his training session until his T-shirt was dripping with sweat. That my friend is the path to success.

Technical Photography Considerations

Going back to this photograph, the way I achieved differentiation in this image was through removing the context in focusing on a certain detail. To be more precise, instead of photographing the groom resting on a chair, I captured only his hand resting on his knee.

According to the principles of Gestalt, the fact that he cannot see the whole image increases the tension in this wedding photograph and makes it more appealing to the viewer.

The composition is also outstanding. The groom's body is placed along the baroque diagonal in both his hands point towards the starting point of the baroque diagonal. That, gives this photograph a natural flow.

I took this photograph in the grand ballroom at Liberty Grand where the groom was hiding so that he could not be seen by the guests.

I often find it childish for the bride and groom to hide from the guests. Often, the members of the bridal party to walk ahead of everybody so that the couple doesn't meet the guests. I can totally understand you don't want to be ambushed and forced into taking thousands of selfies with the guests but I really don't get the superstition. What is going to happen if your guests see the couple about to get married.

Fortunately, after the wedding ceremony, everything returns to normal and everybody is looking forward to the big party and dinner. After all, for many guests, the dinner is the most important part of the big day.

I vividly remember that the limo that was carrying the bride and groom was preceded by the wedding party walking on foot and asking the guests not to look at the couple.

Fortunately, the wedding planner at Liberty Grand, an individual named Gavin was amazing and was able to bring the couple inside the Renaissance room so they could admire the beautiful venue.

Location: 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.

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