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Groom's Reflection in a Mirror at Liberty Grand

As a Toronto wedding photographer have to be always informed about the latest trends in the industry so I monitor my peers like a hawk. As such, before this wedding at Liberty Grand, I looked around at other professional photographers and checks to see what is out there.

Still, I have yet to see such a creative photograph done at this wedding venue.

I find that in the greater Toronto area, often wedding photography is cookie-cutter and artists focus more on the bottom line then on the craft.

I see the same poses done over and over and all weddings exactly the same with the bride and groom being the only difference.

Trends in Wedding Photography

Sadly, photographers focus more on the poses and not on the moments. Because of the high competition in the Toronto area, photographers have to be published on various blogs. The more the better. However, the photography style imposed by the blogs often contradicts the one the couple likes.

On the big day, many photographers focus on photographs of the flowers, cutlery, centrepieces and other elements of decor when real moments happen a few feet away. Is it because the photography in Toronto is becoming self serving?

Why does the Toronto wedding photographer transform the special day in a product photo shoot?

Since when photographs of the table set up are more important than those of candid moments of grandmother crying.

Since when engagement photography is more about props than about the true love between the bride and groom? Do the bride and groom really care more about the linen then grandmother who is the last one standing on the dance floor?

In my opinion, the wedding day is a day of celebration, when the couple enjoys the presence of their family, bridal party and guests all came for the special day in the bride and groom's life.

When I have a choice, I rarely include in the wedding album photographs of the cake, the rings, shoes, etc.

While those images have their role in documenting the big day, they should not be included in the wedding album.

This trend is becoming even more important with the event of cheap digital cameras that transform everybody in the photographer. The new entrant in the Toronto wedding photography arena is so excited when shooting a wedding at say Casa Loma that he misses the essence of the big day.

In an effort to impress on the photographers he posts selfies of him in front of Casa Loma on Instagram. That is not a joke! I actually saw a professional photographer do just that. What has wedding photography become?

Outstanding Photograph

What makes this image so special?

First, to grooms are always better than one. In this image you can see the groom's reflection in one of the mirrors at Liberty Grand.

Second, the composition is interesting. Despite the fact that we have selected a symmetrical composition, I created a balanced image by giving the reflection a lower importance.

Third, the mirror frame is becoming literally a framing device, an important element in composition.

I always try to find reflections during the wedding day. The create elements of interest and make my imagery stand out. For example, often, during the wedding ceremony I find a shiny surface in the church and that gives me a perfect reflection.

However, if are talking about reflections I should mention that I love the cocktail hour as bars abound in shiny surfaces and mirrors where one can take creative photographs of the bride and groom, the bridal party or the guests without them even noticing.

Location: 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.

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