Portrait With Sparklers at Liberty Grand Wedding
Photography by Calin
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Liberty Grand Wedding

Portrait With Sparklers at Liberty Grand Wedding

This is one of those amazing wedding pictures that draw attention to us, as a top wedding photography studio in the GTA. While everybody can get a good exposure nowadays, given the advancement of the digital cameras and especially mirrorless technology, not everyone can create a spiral using sparklers.

Night Environmental Portrait

I created this phenomenal wedding photo during the wedding reception. Once the bride and groom had the cake cutting and bouquet toss, we headed out for a quick night photo session.

As time is a luxury on a wedding day, we had to move fast. As such, I asked the bride and groom to have each other and then, running like a madman, I created this beautiful ascending  spiral around the couple using a sparkler. Truth be told, this is a very difficult photograph to pull off, especially on a big day, when you have little to no time. After all, you don't want the couple to lose patience and ruin the whole experience. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I will be very honest with you. In my opinion the experience you deliver to the bride and groom is as important if not even more important than the beautiful images you take.

One of the tricks of taking such a beautiful image is that one of the photographers, the one running with a sparkler has to wear a black outfit so that during the long exposure he is not visible in the frame. It is indeed a bit of practice, but I think all the effort is worthwhile and this is one of the favourites of my couples.


Location: 25 British Columbia Rd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.

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