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This image of the bride and groom outside The Vault at One King West looks like a cover of a wedding magazine. In fact, The Vault is used as a backdrop for many fashion shoots and it is one of the most sought after wedding photography locations in Toronto. 

Immediately after the bride and groom had their first look, we headed to the Chairman's Boardroom for family photos. Afterwards, we went to the vault for more bridal party portraits and bride and groom creative shots.

Striking Wedding Image

This shot is one of my favourites from this wedding. There are a few aspects that make this a visually appealing image. First, in this photo the bride and groom the pose is unique, reminiscent of the Mr. and Mrs. Smith poster. The bride and groom are standing back to back just at the entrance of The Vault. If you are familiar with the James Bond movies, the entrance to The Vault resemble the gun barrel omnipresent in the James Bond posters. The blue backlight flooding the scene is giving the photograph a cinematic look. Next, I cast a theme of tungsten light on the bride and groom's figures. The warm tone of the video light complements the blue backlight, and make the married couple "pop." This colour scheme is used in films, video games, photography, painting, graphic design, logos, etc. to create interest.

The massive door of The Vault, creates a framing element which, combined with the complementary colours tungsten and blue, highlight the bride and groom. 

Also, the couple is exhibiting a somber look on their faces which adds to the mystery of the picture. Finally, the cinematic crop makes this a picture that the best Toronto wedding photographers would love to have in their portfolio.

Because this shot was captured so well in camera, I didn't need to manipulate the image in post production. I only adjusted the white balance, added a vignette and dodged and burned a few sections of this breathtaking image.

Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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