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One King West is a dream location for wedding photography!!! This superb Persian wedding that took place at One King West in Downtown Toronto is one of the most beautiful ones I have ever photographed.

Once a bank, now this lavish wedding location makes one pinch himself when getting there. Where should we start photographing?

In the bridal suite on the 45th floor with an stunning view of downtown Toronto? In the fifteen hundred room, perfect for the bride preparation or bridal party shots, that is if the weather does not collaborate...No matter if your ceremony is in the Austin Gallery, in the Chairman's boardroom or The Grand Banquet Hall, I guarantee you will love your wedding at One King West!!!

This image was taken a the entrance in the Grand Banking Hall where Sanaz and Payam's wedding was held.

The splendid composition makes this image special. The banister and the massive chandeliers create  leading lines towards the couple. Also, newlyweds faces are the greatest area of contrast in the image or the brightest spot in the picture if you want. Finally, the bride and groom's figures are placed along the baroque diagonal to create a special flow to this wedding picture. The dark walls of the hotel offered the perfect backdrops for the shot.  

To create this wedding photograph I used a 35mm lens mounted on a Canon 5D Mark III. In order to keep the photoshoot short, I used a continuous light to illuminate the couple.


Location: 1 King St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

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