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At this beautiful wedding I created some of the most beautiful Paletta Mansion wedding photos I have seen. On the wedding day it rained continuously and the bride and groom did not have a change to have a proper photo shoot. I vividly remember who sad the bride was as she was envisioning a splendid summer sunny day and unfortunately, we got only rain all day long. 

As such, I decided to tell the bride that my wedding gift to her would be a post wedding photo shoot at Paletta Mansion. She was ecstatic!!! As such, a few weeks after the wedding, we returned to Paletta to take some stunning photographs. 

This particular image was taken in front of Paletta and shows the bride and groom holding coloured balloons. The photo was taken with a Canon 16-35 mm lens. I was placed on the ground and to correct the perspective, I asked the bride and groom to bend from the waist so that they were parallel to my camera to avoid the massive distortion wide angles are known for. 

To light the newlyweds, I used an Einstein 640WS diffused through a 45" Octabox placed camera right. Both diffusers were used and we effectively lost two stops of light. In this kind of scenario, where the image was taken around noon on a bright summer day, a simple flash would not be powerful enough and a strobe light was necessary. 

To give the sky the texture and colour, I underexposed the image in camera by 1 stop.  

Location: 4250 Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON L7L 1A6.

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