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Polson Pier Toronto Wedding Photography

I took the striking image of the bride and groom at the end of a pre-wedding photography session. We started taking pictures around noon in Riverdale Park in downtown Toronto, continued in Yorkville, then moved to University of Toronto and finally we ended our shoot at the Polson Pier. What makes a Toronto wedding photographer great among others is a good knowledge of the best photography locations in the area. Whenever I have a chance, I love ending my wedding day and engagement portrait sessions with a panoramic portrait at the Polson Pier. This location is magic to me. The downtown skyline makes the perfect backdrop for a wedding or engagement photo either during the day or at nighttime. Also, Lake Ontario and the position where the sun sets are additional elements that contribute to creating breathtaking environment portraits.

Best Toronto Wedding Photographer

Although I'm not a well known Toronto wedding photographer with a big studio in downtown area, I have been repeatedly named the best photographer in town by my clients. What do I do to deserve this?

First, I treat my brides and groom like royalty. While some photographers allocate their clients one to two hours a photography for a pre-wedding photo shoot, I have virtually no time limit. In the past I have shot even for two days in a row when the bride and groom wanted to take pictures in remote areas of the city. Also, I do a lot of research on my couples so I understand their needs and exceed their expectations. I Google them and follow them on social media to understand who they really are so I can tailor my photography to their wants.

Second, although I have a shot list I use in emergency situations when we run out of time, I usually create a custom mood board or storyboard if you wish for each client according to their personality. During the consultation stage of the process, which starts way before I shoot their wedding, I ask them questions that will allow me to understand who they are. In case I am not the best wedding photographer for them, I will refer them to one of my colleagues. That guarantees a good fit and greet wedding photos in the end.

Third, a great Toronto wedding photographer should master the technical aspects of the craft. I'm not talking about the basics (ISO, shutter speed, aperture). An amazing artist should understand composition, colour psychology, posing, lighting and so much more in order to create photography masterpieces that stand the test of time.

Even more important, emotions are the cherry on the wedding cake if you wish and they photograph without emotion is just a pose. As such, a good wedding photographer should be able to elicit emotion whenever needed to complete a good photograph.

What makes this a great photo? 

This is an outstanding image that includes a few unique visual elements. Firstly, the foreground is created by placing a string of red Christmas lights in front of the lens to create huge globes of red light. Second, the light globes frame the bride and groom in this image. 

This is a asymmetrical wedding photo beautifully balanced by placing the bride and groom on the left side of the frame, against the sky, while the Toronto skyline and the red lights gravitate towards the right hand side of the image. That in effect create a visual balance in the shot. Next, the classic orange and blue colour scheme makes this an even more powerful image. Also, this is a silhouetted shot of the bride and groom and the fact we cannot see their faces creates tension and mystery in the frame.

Finally, there are three layers in the image, which gives it depth and dimension. The foreground, created through the use of Christmas lights, the middle ground consisting of the couple in the setting sun and the Toronto skyline and the background.

Location: 1 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4.

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