Bridal Party and Newlyweds Have Fun
Photography by Calin
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Bridal Party and Newlyweds Have Fun at Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding

After taking the traditional photos at this Roma's Hospitality Centre wedding, I created a few fun images of the bride and groom and the bridal party. This is one of my favourite shots of the big day. To created, I placed the bride and groom to the right side of the frame and instructed them to kiss. Afterwards, I asked the bridesmaids to throw their bouquets towards the bride and groom. Meanwhile, I told the groomsmen to give me a funny pose. The flying bouquets, the bridal party's expression and the beautiful textured wall behind them makes this an outstanding image.

From a composition standpoint this is a balanced yet asymmetrical shot. The bride and groom are placed at the right edge of the frame and everybody's looking towards them. That creates leading lines that draw the viewer's attention towards the bride and groom.

To create this image, I used the ambient light and shot with a Canon 24 to 70mm lens on a 5D Mark III camera. 

One of the difficulties in creating this image was timing. The sun was coming in and out of the clouds and we had to wait for the light to become soft. Also, we had to attempt the shot a few times as a few eager bridesmaids with through their bouquets ahead of time to the boys delight. According to the bride, this is one of the funniest image the newlyweds really enjoyed taking.

In post production increased the texture of the wall to make it the perfect backdrop, then in Photoshop to remove the few distractions and applied skin softening to the girls skin.

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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