Bride Tosses the Bouquet
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Bride Tosses the Bouquet at Her Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding

Because at this Roma's Hospitality Centre wedding the newlyweds insisted on having nontraditional wedding photographs, I was happy to oblige. As such, in this shot, I asked the bride to do the bouquet toss during the creative photograph session. In this image, the bride, positioned on the right of the frame is shown throwing the bouquet towards the bridesmaids on the left. The bride's little sister is the one catching the bouquet in this image. Truth be told, we had to do the bouquet toss quite a few times until we got this perfect shot. As I said during the photo shoot, everybody would catch the bouquet by the time we are done. 

What makes this image standout is the vivid colours and the movement in the shot. Because I lit the photograph using a strobe light, I had to limit the shutter speed to 1/200s. That shutter speed captured the movement of the bouquet which looks blurred in this shot. 

The image has three layers: the foreground is made of green plants. The middle ground is where the action is happening. It is there where the bride through the bouquet and the bridesmaids fought over it. Finally, in the background we see evergreens and Japanese Maple trees that create a perfect backdrop for this wedding photo. The multiple layers in the shot give the image dimension and make the subject standout.

In post processing I cropped the image in a 12" x 24" format to match the album size. Also, I increased the vibrance of the shot and performed some beauty retouching.

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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