Candid Pics at Roma's Hospitality Centre
Photography by Calin
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Candid Pics at Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding Reception

Photographing a wedding reception at Roma's Hospitality Centre gave me the opportunity to take advantage of this beautiful banquet hall and its exquisite lighting in order to capture many outstanding moments of the evening. 

The first image of the album captures the mother of the bride raising her hands and screaming with joy. I was able to capture this photograph during the interactive games the outstanding DJs organized during the dinner. To light this picture I used a flash bounced into the ceiling at the Roma's.

The second photograph of this album spread shows a fun moment when the bride is using her fan to cool down during the wedding reception.

The third image in the series features two of the brides brother-in-laws kissing the brides niece. In the background we get to the bride's father and the head table.

Finally, the last image on this album spread and the one that has the biggest a visual weight is that of the bride and groom dancing and posing for the camera. In this last shot I used a special technique called dragging the shutter. In a nutshell, I slowed the shutter speed to 1/20 of a second and move the camera right after I took the shot. Because the bride and groom were lit by the bounced light coming from the flash, the are sharp. However, the lights in the picture appear as illuminated lines in the other people in this photograph look blurry. Mastering this special photography technique is something I learned early in my career as a Toronto wedding photographer.

I strongly suggest that new photographers only try this technique during non-crucial sections of the wedding reception. In the beginning, the success rate could be fairly low.

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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