Flower Girl Catches the Bouquet
Photography by Calin
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Flower Girl Catches the Bouquet at a Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding

At this Roma's Hospitality Centre wedding the bouquet toss was one of the most dynamic moments of the evening and also its outcome was unexpected. Although all the single ladies competing for the very valuable prize, the bridal bouquet, it was the flower girl who caught it.

The first image of the wedding album shows the single ladies yelling in anticipation of the bouquet toss. The bride was taking her time and even faked a throw, which caused brother mixed emotions. Some of the participants started laughing while others were slightly upset.

The second time, the bride through the bouquet for real and despite all the single ladies efforts, it was the flower girl who caught the bouquet. The second image on this album spread and the one that has the highest visual weight captures this exact moment when the floor girl catches the flying bouquet. This image is a typical multiple story photograph. In the foreground we see the little girl catching the bouquet. In the background some of the ladies smile at the little girl, others look surprised in disbelief while finally others look a bit upset. A few guests were filming the moment from the sidelines and enjoying this episode during the wedding reception.

The final image in this wedding album spread shows one of the single ladies congratulating and hogging the little girl whose happiness is apparent.

I used three flashes in order to light these three pictures capturing the bouquet toss. Two of them were on a light stands placed behind me and directed towards the action. The third one was placed on camera and created the main light that illuminated the scene.

In post production I adjusted the vibrancy of the colours and added a slight vignette to each picture.

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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