Groomsmen Have Fun With Red Smoke
Photography by Calin
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Groomsmen Have Fun With Red Smoke at Their Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding

During this Roma's Hospitality Centre wedding photo shoot I incorporated an element of interest that it is spectacular, leads to splendid photographs and is enjoyed by the bridal party. I'm of course talking about the smoke grenades. They come in different colours and the ones that I like the most are the ones that emit red smoke.

To create this candid wedding picture, I asked the best man to pull the ring in order to start the smoke grenade and wave it, then instructed the groomsmen to strike different poses. This created a fun atmosphere in the guys loved the look of the pictures. 

As a Toronto wedding photographer operating in an oversaturated market, I know that everything that improves the clients experience can help me differentiate and stand out. As such, at every wedding I have a few smoke grenades prepared for a few fun shots of the bridal party. After all, wedding photography is not only about pretty pictures but also about the newlyweds having fun on their wedding day. 

What makes this candid wedding photograph stand out is the red smoke contrasting with the guys navy blue suits. The presence of blue and red, to primary colours makes this an appealing photograph. The groomsmen's faces are expressing strong emotions of happiness which also ads to the image value.

To create this image, I used a Canon 24 to 70mm lens mounted on a 5D Mark three camera. The main light in this photograph was generated by a Profoto B1 balanced with the ambient light. 

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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