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Groomsmen Smoking Cigars at a Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding

Here is cool shot of the groomsmen enjoying their cigars in front of Roma's Hospitality Centre main entrance. 

During our last consultation, the groom mentioned that he wants to bring a gift to each of his groomsmen, namely a few cigars that they would smoke together at night. Sensing an opportunity for a great shot, I ask them to give me heads up before they headed out towards the end of the wedding reception. Later that night, the groom mentioned that they were ready to take pictures so I prepared my video light to create this stunning image of the guys. They were so impressed with this photograph that a few of them mentioned they intended to frame it.

In this image, the groom and his groomsmen are wearing vests above their shirts and smoking their cigars in a shot that resembles a scene from a Martin Scorsese movie. 

To create this photograph I brought my beloved video light to create a crisp image of the guys. What I like about this continues light is its colour. At 2800 K, the light evokes the prohibition era and this look is supported by the group groomsmen's outfits. Behind the guys we can read the sign on the main building: Roma's Hospitality Centre.

After this short night photo shoot I started a routine whereby ask the bride and groom to come out for five minutes to create a few works of art at night. That gives them a larger variety of shots besides the daylight in the indoors photographs.

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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