Portraits of Groom Getting Ready
Photography by Calin
Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding Guide

Portraits of Groom Getting Ready for His Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding

The groom preparation for his Roma's Hospitality Centre wedding at his parents house gave me the opportunity to photograph a few artistic portraits portraits of him. 

The left page of the wedding album is a close-up portrait of the groom. This image is a two thirds view of the groom and was taken using window light. Most of the time, during the wedding day, because things happen in a rapid succession, we, Toronto wedding photographer's do not have the luxury of setting up complicated lighting scenarios. As such, learning to maximize the opportunities offered by ambient light is crucial in creating stunning wedding pictures. For this image, I asked the groom to stand besides a window I carefully selected so that the background was clean. A plane backdrop is important when creating a bride or a groom portrait because I don't want any elements to compete with the main subject of the image, in this case the groom. Because the groom's face is right by the window and because of the inverse square law that governs the light, he is the brightest part of the image. The viewers eye is directed immediately to the groom, fact also obtain by shooting at the shallow depth of field and by placing the focus point on the groom's eye that was the closest to the camera.

The second portrait, on the right page of the album spread is more artistic. The groom's head is tilted to his right and he's arranging his bowtie. In effect, his right eye and left hand are placed along the sinister diagonal, which creates a pleasing effect that makes the image flow. Even more, the creative crop of the shot makes it stand out. In order to increase the mystery of this wedding picture, I cropped one of the groom's eyes out of the frame.

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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