Roma's Hospitality Centre Banquet Hall
Photography by Calin
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Roma's Hospitality Centre Wedding Guide

Roma's Hospitality Centre Banquet Hall

At this Roma's Hospitality Centre wedding the bride and groom spent a lot of money on decor and wedding cake. As a Toronto wedding photographer it is my duty to capture the beauty of these elements. While these images are by no means award winning wedding photos, nevertheless they are important to the bride and groom and contribute to the story of the day.

This wedding album spread includes three pictures. On the left, we have an image of the beautiful wedding cake. The black cake is a four layer work of art adorned with nuts covered in gold. On top of the cake we can see the name of the bride and groom. To create this beautiful shot I used three lights. Two flashes placed on the side to create an edge light and one light placed at the back with the red gel to create separation between the cake and the wall.

Above this image is a shot of the head table. Above the bride and groom's chairs we can see a monogram with their names and their wedding date.

On the right of this album spread there is a large image capturing the beauty of the hall. The most striking elements are the red pin lights that colour the flower centrepieces. In this image the frame the head table and the bride and groom's chairs.

What I like about Roma's Hospitality Centre besides the excellent service is the lighting. The purple up lights create a special atmosphere in the wedding photos.

Location: 5980 Shawson Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 3Z6.

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