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Storys Building Wedding Photography

As a professional photographer, I want to deliver a variety of images to the bride and groom. That is why, on the wedding day I attempt to "steal" the couple for a few minutes before the sunset and then later at night for shots around the wedding venue. 

These are some of the most dramatic images taken on the special day and sadly, many wedding photographers miss out on this opportunity.

This is an image of the newlyweds taken at the end of their Storys Building wedding.

Before the end of the night, myself and my second shooter went to scout some good spots where I could take environmental portraits of my clients.

After five minutes or so we came up with a list of seven shots in this is the most dramatic of them. To achieve this, we asked the Storys building staff to give us access to the second floor and to turn on the string lights.

I underexposed the image by about five stops to achieve this dramatic image of the bride and groom.

The main light is given by a video light held by the second wedding photographer. The foreground bokeh was created by dangling a string of Christmas lights in front of my  Fujifilm 23 mm lens shot wide open. Finally, the starry night sky look is provided by the string lights on the second floor of the building.

After the if you that shots I asked the couple to look at each other laugh without any reason. That gave this picture a candid shot feel in what I call assisted photojournalism.

Storys Building is a trendy wedding venue located in downtown Toronto. 

Location: 11 Duncan St, Toronto, ON M5H 3G6.

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