Groom and Father at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Wedding
Photography by Calin
Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding

Groom and Father at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Wedding

As you can expect, the groom's preparation was an important part of this Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe wedding day. This album spread includes two photos. The one on the left depicts the groom posing for this traditional photo. The image was taken next to a yellow wall, very common in this resort. The beautiful backdrop created by the wall makes his subject, the groom, stand out. This image we can see a very proud and quite emotional groom. He's wearing a grey suit and the white tie, to match the solemnity of the wedding day.

The image on the right features the father and son getting ready for the wedding ceremony. The father is helping Taylor, the groom, to arrange his tie. They're both interacting with each other in this picture looks like it was taken in motion. Taylor's father is wearing a white shirt that matches the groom's.

In terms of the processing a chose to apply the very light vignette to draw the viewer's attention towards the main subject of the image. Also, increased the saturation of the two pictures because everything in this wedding was very colourful from the bridesmaids dresses to sea and the vegetation.

Location: Carretera Chetumal - Puerto Juárez Km. 266.3, 77750 Solidaridad Riviera Maya, QROO, Mexico.

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