Stunning Sparklers at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Wedding
Photography by Calin
Barcelo Maya Palace Wedding

Stunning Sparklers at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe Wedding

Using sparklers during the wedding reception is a complicated photography technique. However, as a Toronto wedding photographer, I need to differentiate myself some looking for ways to raise about the crowd. At this wedding, I took three pictures using the sparklers technique. They look so good that after this wedding I booked five clients who mentioned these memorable images.

The image on the left captures the bride and groom hold each other with therefore heads touching, surrounded by spiral made with sparklers. As a wedding photographer, I survey my competition, and I could say that less than 1% master this technique.

The image on the right she was the bride and groom in the same pose, but this time, they are surrounded by the heart drawn with sparklers.

What makes this album spread standout is obviously the complex sparklers technique and the beauty of the scene.

Technical aspects: the image on the left was shot using the Canon 85 mm F 1.2 lens and was photographed at 2.5. The image on the right was captured using the Canon 35mm F1.4 lens. For both images, I use the video light to illuminate the subjects. Also, it is important to mention that the orange colour of the sparklers complements the blue-lit background. The blue and orange are components of a classical colour scheme.

Location: Carretera Chetumal - Puerto Juárez Km. 266.3, 77750 Solidaridad Riviera Maya, QROO, Mexico.

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