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The best images Best Man Helps Groom Get Ready for Chateau Le Parc Wedding

Among the candid images I took on the big day, the one showcasing the best man helping the groom gets ready for his Chateau Le Parc wedding is one of my favourites. Of course, on the wedding day, a professional photographer takes thousands of pictures and it is hard to choose favourites. Ask a parent who is their favourite child and they will have a hard time answering your question. Along the same lines, in wedding photography, it is often hard to pick the best shots from a special event.

Importance of Good Wedding Photos

One of the top criteria that they use when selecting the best wedding photographs I will deliver to my clients is to ask the question: if this were the only image my bride and groom received, would the photograph tell the story of the wedding day? If the answer is yes, I definitely deliver that to my clients.

Often couples ask me if they could have all the pictures I take during the wedding. My answer is a categorical NO! Why so? As a professional wedding photographer, it is my duty to make your wedding day look perfect. Therefore, I will only deliver the pictures that are flattering to you. Unless you are a top model, you might have some flaws and it is my duty to enhance your beauty and minimize your imperfections. That is the main reason why I will not deliver images in which you don't look good. I even had beautiful brides who asked me to photograph them only from a particular angle in which the look perfect. Of course, I will do my best to do so but truth be told, it might be impossible on your special day to shoot only from that angle.

For example, during the wedding ceremony, I might not be allowed to come even close to you. Also, there might be one of the guests placed in that particular angle. Long story short, it is impossible for me to deliver all the shots from your big day. However, in my career as a Toronto wedding photographer, I learned to use my judgment and to discern between the bad and the good images. Please trust me, if my daughter got married I would deliver the same quality that I deliver to my brides and grooms regardless of the weather conditions, the venue, season etc.

The short clip of this Chateau Le Parc marriage below proves you exactly my point. Enjoy it!

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