Bridal Party and Smoke
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Chateau Le Parc Wedding

Bridal Party and Smoke

Every wedding photographer has favourite events and for me, this Château Le Parc wedding has stolen my heart. It wasn't one moment in particular, but rather the whole wedding day, the guests, the bride and groom and all the moments that took place from the bright preparation through the ceremony and the reception.

The Story of the Photograph

In this splendid editorial when a photo, the bridal party is surrounded by red smoke emitted by five smoke grenades placed behind them. Before the bride and groom headed to the wedding ceremony at Château Le Parc, we went to Richmond Green to take creative shots of the couple and their bridal party.

It was there, in the amphitheatre where this image was taken.

I remember well this beautiful summer day as I was shooting in a harsh light so I decided to go for some edgy photographs. As such, I asked the bridal party to give me a pose and they went crazy. The waves of laughter, the jokes, the poses were all magnificent.

One of the challenges I had throughout this big day was to balance my bridal party images. Because there were seven rooms and seven bridesmaids, had to be creative to achieve balance in my shots. Here, for example, I asked two of the couples to stand on a higher step in the amphitheatre so that everybody surrounds the couple getting married. I absolutely love this image and it has become one of my homepage shots.

Another serious obstacle in creating a good photograph was the harsh light. The beautiful bride chose to have the photo shoot at 2 PM on a summer day when the sun was just above our heads and slightly behind the bridal party.

To be able to illuminate my subjects faces I had to use a bare Profoto B1 without any modifier.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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