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Bride Reads Groom's Letter at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

As wedding photographer I love photographing emotions that bring pictures to life. It is a fact well known that them a regular participant at professional photographers meetings in the GTA and I have unfortunately to see plenty of wedding albums. Often, the albums do not capture the beauty and the emotions of the wedding day because the artist followed a canned formula. In other words, each special day photographer documents looks the same. Only the protagonists and the backdrops change. 

Wedding Photographer's Credo

Unlike my colleagues, I want to offer my bride and groom the perfect wedding photos possible under the circumstances. I want their photo session to capture the love and their images to immortalize moments they will remember with joy several decades down the road. That is my credo as a Toronto wedding photographer.

Smiling Bride

I took this particular shot during the bride's preparation for her wedding ceremony at Château Le Parc, minutes before we headed to the place where the bride and groom decided to have their first look. 

The couple exchanged love letters and read them on the big day and this picture capture is the exact moment when the bride reading the letter from the groom smiled. Even though you cannot see it in this image, I could swear shed a tear when she read the beautiful words of the groom. 


I took this photograph in portrait mode so I can capture both the beautiful bride's reactions and the details of her wedding gown. The light is coming from the right side of the frame while the brides body is slightly turned to the left while her face is turned towards the window. What that does is creates a slimming effect and accentuates the human body forms and emphasizes the details of the dress.

In post production I colour corrected the image, did some basic skin retouching adjusted the levers and curves and added a slight vignette.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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