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Bridesmaids Take Selfies at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

During the bride preparation, in the beginning of the big day, after they had the makeup and hair done, the bridesmaids started goofing around, as it is usual on the wedding day.

How Did I Create This Photo?

First, they started taking a few selfies inside the house and I managed to capture some of the candid moments in the funny faces they made. Unfortunately, the lighting was not that great in the bride's house. It was one of the situations that we wedding photographers call mixed lighting. In other words daylight was mixed with tungsten or florescent lights coming from the ceiling. As a professional photographers, we know that this type of lighting as an unflattering effect on the human skin.

As such, I asked the bride if they can join me outside and they were happy to oblige! We light up a few glasses of champagne and started taking selfies. One could ask if it is my duty to capture that type of wedding photography. My answer to that question would be yes, of course! Capturing the most beautiful moments of the special day and the interaction between the family and guests is my duty. Otherwise, couples end up with a bunch of poses included in the wedding album and in my opinion that is not what wedding photography is all about.

Here, the beautiful ambient light bounced into the table and returned, illuminating the bridesmaids faces. Because the direction of light is mainly from above, the ball's light coming from the table upwards does not create a monster like effect. It is rather what we wedding photographers call clam shell lighting. That is often used often by fashion photographers to create masterpieces.

Château Le Parc is a beautiful venue located in Vaughan that never ceases to amaze the bride and groom with this modern technology and design wrapped in a classic architecture and beauty.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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