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Fun Bridal Party at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

With the advancement of technology, the wedding photography is changing in Toronto and worldwide. Nowadays, everyone has a camera in their pockets and those cameras are so good that 10 years ago, professional photographers could only dream about owning one. Also, cell phones cost a fraction of what a professional camera with cost.

Today, the wedding photographers should fight for a good angle with the family and guests and in ideal lighting situations there is little difference between the image quality delivered by a basic camera and a $7000 top-of-the-line DSLR.

Bridesmaids Taking a Selfie

In this photograph we can see the bridesmaids taking a selfie. Fortunately, I heard the girls giggling while I was taking some beautiful pictures of the shoes during the bride's preparation for her wedding ceremony at     Château Le Parc. When I heard the girls laughing, I approached the scene cautiously so I don't ruin the opportunity of taking a beautiful picture unobserved. Fortunately, they were so caught up in their activity that they didn't notice me.

Documentary Wedding Photography

As the whole events unfolded in the backyard, I didn't need to use flash, which would have disclosed my presence and therefore ruined the moment. 

   When I started my incursion into wedding photography I always wondered why photojournalists never use flash. For me, the quality of light was more important than the moment. However, flashing a speed light every 10 seconds or so is tantamount to screaming "hello everybody look at me" during the wedding ceremony or reception. Also, bounce your flash into the mother of the bride's face and you will have an unhappy couple to deal with.

Fortunately, today's cameras can shoot almost in the dark and deliver usable images in any conditions. As such, more and more photographers, including me, adopted a more documentary photography style that suits so well the wedding day.

Because I stood quiet and observed the events unfolding, I was able to capture this photograph. Here we can see the girls holding a selfie stick, making funny faces and taking self-portraits while having a lot of fun.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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