Groom Kisses Bride's Hand
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Chateau Le Parc Wedding

Groom Kisses Bride's Hand at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

In photography, the hands are the second most expressive part of the human body after the face and when the professional photographer manages to marry the hand in the face the results are outstanding. One of the techniques one can use when photographing a couple is to ask the groom to kiss his bride's hand. 

Hand as a Pointing Device in the Photo

It is a natural reflex for humans to look when somebody points at something and we can use that to our advantage. In this photograph of the bride and groom captured before their outdoor wedding ceremony at Château Le Parc I compose the frame and then asked the couple to walk. When they reached the exact spot that made a good composition, I asked the groom to kiss his beautiful bride's hand.

He did that and I captured this beautiful moment that expresses the love between the bride and groom. Another technique I love is so-called posing in motion. The way this works is I show the bride and groom what they have to do or if you want I pose them and afterwards I separate them and asked them to get back in the pose. What that does, is makes the photos look very natural because of the motion present in the image.

Often, the subjects of the photograph forget what they were supposed to do and burst into laughter. That is the perfect opportunity for the wedding photographer to capture the candid images


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