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Chateau Le Parc Wedding

Groomsmen at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

It isn't every day when a photographer can create a portrait of the groom in front of three expensive sports cars but at this wedding at Chateau Le Parc our surprise had no limits. Right when we parked in front of the groom's house we noticed three fast cars waiting in front of the house. Afterwards, we noticed other interesting surprises the groom family prepared for his beautiful wedding day.

Composition and Atmosphere

In wedding photography, there are a few things that make a frame worth taking. Besides the light, the emotions and the beautiful backdrops, the professional photographer tries to capture the atmosphere of the big day. The smiles, the looks, the hand gestures and body language or importing cues for the viewer to recognize what was going on at that particular moment in time.

Some of the best wedding photographers in Toronto are able to create complex lighting patterns and bring numerous strobes to the set converting the couple's big day into a massive production. Honestly, I think that's overkill and I noticed that the more equipment we bring, the more pose the images look. Why so?

Because the bride and groom are not professional models or actors, the constant interruptions caused by setting the lights in the perfect position disrupt the flow and ruin the mood of the couple. That is the reason why nowadays, brides and grooms are always looking for photojournalistic wedding photography. The artists who don't understand that totally missed the point. At the end of the day, the beautiful bride couldn't care less about the Profoto B1 strobes or what not if she is miserable on the best day of her life.

In conclusion, the minimalistic style is beneficial not only to photographer's purse (less equipment costs less money) but also to the clients' experience. I am not advocating here going to the extreme of shooting everything using ambient light (despite the fact I know some of the greatest photographers in the world do just that). No, what I'm saying is adopt a more frugal approach to photography and that will benefit both the artist and the clients. After all, what the client remembers 30 years later is not the quality of the images but how they felt during the special event. That is called experiential photography and that defines the high-end artists. Just check the work of Yervant, Jerry Ghionis and all other top photographers and you will see what I mean. Rarely do they use artificial light sources! However, their profound understanding of the human body, lighting and posing makes it unnecessary to bring tonnes of equipment on the big day.

After all, during the day, ambient light is sufficient to create splendid imagery and at night, your wedding venue is lit properly. Here is the perfect time to give you a tip: invest more money on lighting packages offered by your DJ or the wedding venue than on flowers and decor. Lighting is the essence of photography and can make even a boring location stand out.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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