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Parents Look at Newlyweds at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

This is one of my favourite photographs during this Chateau Le Parc wedding reception and its tells a powerful story of the special event condensed in one image.

Parents at Weddings

Being a parent myself, I can relate to the grooms parents and especially dedicate this photo to them. I like to think I have a special relationship with these two wonderful people who interviewed me and give me the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful event.

I vividly remember the marriage I documented some game time at the beginning of my Toronto wedding photography career where the couple was so busy entertaining the guests that they didn't have time to take a family photo together. While I totally understand that on the big day, doing your best to create special atmosphere is important, taking family photos is crucial. Fortunately, I insisted that the parents and the children have a picture together.

A few months later I completely forgot about the incident and upon reading my email I learned that the mother of the bride passed away. The bride was thanking me for all the beautiful photos of her mother I took the day and mentioned that the one she likes the most is that of the writing room surrounded by her family. This is why, as a professional photographer I always strive to deliver splendid family photos regardless of the circumstances.

While for us, the wedding album is just a collection of movements, for the bride and groom it is the only memory they have after the big days over.

Why this is an Outstanding Image

I entitled this picture "The present looking into the future" as this is a particularly special wedding photo. On the bottom right we see the parents of the groom looking at the couple who dances on the top left of the image. The parents create a leading line that directs our attention to the couple. Also the fact that the subjects are placed at an angle gives the image dynamism. Finally, the blue lights in the wedding photo complements well the skin tones and the tungsten lights on the ceiling.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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