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Chateau Le Parc Wedding

Portrait of Best Man at Chateau Le Parc Wedding

The best wedding photographers in Toronto deliver not only a large variety of images ranging from candid shots to family photos but also an amazing experience to their couples and this is exactly what I did during the groom preparation for his Chateau Le Parc wedding.

The Story of this Photograph

While I was observing the action inside the groom's house, I noticed a black piano that offered a beautiful opportunity to shoot some reflections. Truth be told, as a professional photographer, I always look for opportunities to make my pictures special. They could be mirrors, frames, interesting angles, lighting fixtures and so on. In this particular case, the piano was one of the first elements and noticed when I started documenting the big day at the groom's house.

Once I refined the composition and set the exposure right, I waited for the right moment to capture. It was not too long after that when the best man picked up his jacket in preparation for the wedding ceremony at Château Le Park.

The beauty of this photo consists in the fact that the reflection is placed symmetrically across from the sinister diagonal. That adds this image mystique and a unique look.

Many clients asked me if I Photoshop heavily the images I deliver. To all those couples interested, I have to confess that I use Photoshop but it is rather to enhance an already beautiful image than to create gold out of the mud. Yes, postproduction is very important and is very time-consuming for the professional photographer. I know quite a few professionals in the greater Toronto area who spend up to one hour on one image. To me, that sounds extreme. It is not only detrimental to the bride and groom to Photoshop to that extent every image, but it also breeds lazy photographers.

Post processing has a cost attached to it and by doing it to that extent, the artist drives the cost of his packages up to a point where he is no longer competitive. The most successful wedding photographers in Toronto are those who can strike the perfect balance between good imagery shot in the camera and postproduction. That is the reason why on the wedding day, I strived to create splendid images in camera. That is also why I switch systems and know I should only Fuji. The mirrorless cameras cannot only give you a preview of the image (exposure, depth of field, etc.) but also provide high-quality photographs.

Long story short, for this image I darkened the reflection to enhance the main part of the frame, applied some selective vignetting and converted the image to black and white. I find that the black and white processing gives pictures more candid feel that appeals to the new generation of brides and grooms.

Enjoy this beautiful slideshow of highlight images from the special day.

Location: 1745 Langstaff Rd, Concord, ON L4K 2H2.

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