Rings Photo and Smoke
Photography by Calin
Chateau Le Parc Wedding

Rings Photo at Chateau le Parc Wedding

I have to admit I prepared a lot before photographing this wedding at Chateau Le Parc. As the beautiful bride told me that her dream was to have her big day published on Wedluxe magazine, a put together a list of original concepts. 

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Creative Rings Photo

This particular wedding album photograph showcases the wedding rings in a unique and very creative setting. When I was photographing the group's preparation for his wedding ceremony at Chateau Le Parc I noticed this splendid black piano and immediately I used one of the concepts I prepared. 

As such, I placed the rings on the piano and shot in such a way so I can see their reflection. To illuminate the rings I used a continuous light source that my assistant held.

The bright diamond and the wedding rings contrast against the black background creating the perfect figure to ground ratio. That makes the subjects of the shot, namely the wedding rings stand out. 

What adds an element of interest to the photo is their reflection. To enhance the image a tilted it clockwise. The two wedding rings are placed along the baroque diagonal, which increases the dynamism of the shot. Finally, to complete this magnificent picture, I added a smoking match in postproduction. Sure, I could do that easily in camera but on the big day, we had no time for that. Also, one of the tricks I learned from the best wedding photographers is to build trust as soon as you meet the client and especially their family. 

For example, I remember this wedding at Liberty Grand where the mother of the groom asked me to photograph in the living room. The light was bad and there were lots of distractions that were competing with my subjects but I would never refuse my clients. After all, the quality of the experience is as important as the pictures we deliver.

Photography is a subjective art and if you don't like the photographer, for sure you will hate the pictures she takes. As such, building trust as soon as possible not only makes your life easier as an artist, but also contributes to delivering better results your clients. If your subject's trust you, they will follow your directions without arguing, which can save precious moments on the wedding day. The opposite scenario is when the subjects realize the artist lacks experience so the guests start giving directions. With all due respect, most professional photographers are significantly better at understanding the direction and quality of light, posing, composition and more than the typical wedding guests.


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