Artistic Engagement Photos in Toronto Botanical Gardens
Photography by Calin
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Artistic Engagement Photos in Toronto Botanical Garden

Engagement photos are an opportunity to try new things, to be creative. This album spread is a testament to that.

Why Are These Engagement Photos Different?

The image on the left features Katherina and Taylor's lower body. The interesting part about this photo is that the focus is not on the couple. That will be boring wouldn't it? In the shot I focused on the flowers in the foreground while the couple is positioned in the background, slightly out of focus. Also the orange flowers complement the blue in Katherina's dress and Taylor's denim. 

The image on the right is also artistic in nature. In the foreground, the couple is kissing. Furthermore, if you look attentively, their shadow is kissing as well. Even more important the line between the couples heads and the shadows heads forms a diagonal.

Location: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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