Engagement Photo Album Finale
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Engagement Photo Album Finale

Choosing that final album spread is a tall order, especially when all the engagement photos in this shoot look gorgeous. For this album spread I selected to romantic photos that contain the same photography techniques with a twist.

What Makes These Engagement Photos Interesting?

The image on the left focuses on Katerina. What makes us a beautiful romantic photo is the pose. This image showcases Katerina's beautiful profile and her pose is statuesque. Taylor, is holding her shoes and kissing her shoulder. I shot this image or at the very shallow depth of field to emphasize the engaged couple. Also, the wooden rail of the bridge creates a leading line towards the couple placed at the left of the frame.

The image on the right focuses also on Katerina but this time uses a more subtle leading line to draw your attention to her. I placed Taylor behind Katerina and asked him to look at her. By doing that, I achieved a few things. First, Katerina is in the foreground and she's clearly the subject of this photo. Second, the fact that Taylor is looking at her creates a virtual leading line.

The beauty of the album spread is that the leading lines start from the centre of the page and lead your eyes to the extremes. Because we are programmed to read from left to right, the two leading lines starting from the centre create a visual ping-pong table. That directs your eye first of the left, next to the right, back to the left and so on in an infinite visual loop.

Location: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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