Engaged Couple Kiss
Photography by Calin
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Engaged Couple Kiss

Pre-wedding and engagement photo shoots are perfect environments to improvise and create photography masterpieces. While on the wedding day there is little time for creativity and everything should go according to plan, during engagement sessions I have more liberty to play.

In this image the main subject, the couple are sitting on a bench and kissing. Apparently that would make the such an incredible photo. However, I noticed a bike tied to a pole so I dropped to the ground and shot through the bicycles wheel. In other words, I use the wheel as a framing device. Even more interesting, the spokes create leading lines towards the couple.

Technical Aspects of This Engagement Photo

The uniqueness of this photo is given by few elements. First, I use the layering technique where the different objects in the frame give the image depth. Here, the bicycle wheel in the foreground gives a great three dimensional feel to this photograph. Second, I used another composition technique, framing through the bicycle's wheel. Finally and most important, the couple is placed using the golden ratio, which results in a divine composition.

I created this image using a 35 mm prime lens shot at F11 so that the three layers in this photo (foreground, middle ground, background) are in focus. 

Post processing was fairly simple. Only enhanced the colours and added a vignette around the couple.

Location: 98 Scollard St, Toronto, ON M5R 1G2.

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