Engagement Photos in Distillery District
Photography by Calin
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Engagement Photos in Distillery District

This engagement photo taken in the Distillery District has a fashion feel. As a Toronto wedding photographer, I love creating striking images that differentiate me from my competitors. As such, I often blend fashion poses and influences into my wedding and engagement portraits.

This shot is among the last ones taken during this engagement session. I vividly remember that Taylor was "pictures out" by the time we shot this picture. To make him relax, I asked Taylor to put on his sunglasses. I posed Katerina behind Taylor and asked her to look at me while Taylor was looking away. That is a posing technique I use to give my portraits a fashion look. After I posed them, I cracked a joke and Taylor smiled. It was then when I press the shutter button and captured this beautiful image.

Technical Considerations of This Engagement Photo

This image was shot using ambient light with my Canon 35mm 1.4 lens mounted on a 5D Mark III camera. This picture was shot at a very showed up the field to me the subjects stand out. In post processing I added a vignette, applied some skin softening and enhanced the colours' vibrance to create this beautiful environmental portrait of the engaged couple.

Location: 21 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.

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