Fiance Jumps in Engagement Photo
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Fiance Jumps in Engagement Photo

During my shoots I always try to create at least one fun engagement photo that reflects the couple's personality. During this engagement session I manage to create quite a few hilarious images and this is one of my favourites. 

In this image, Katerina and Taylor are captured crossing the street. Katerina is looking at her fiancée who is jumping out of happiness. Their expressions are priceless: there is both love, joy, and a certain sensuality that makes this an outstanding romantic photo.

How Did I Create This Beautiful Engagement Photo?

It all started with the light. I noticed the unique lighting situation in this scene. As usually, lighting was the main ingredient in this gorgeous photo. The sun was coming from behind the couple and hitting a condo building behind me. The sun's reflection was coming back towards the couple so that they were in a "sandwich lighting" scheme.

Once I positioned Katerina and Taylor in the perfect spot, I gave them loose directions on how to act. Once they started crossing the street, Katerina looked at Taylor and he jumped. It was then when I took the shot.

Technical Photography Aspects

From a lighting perspective this is an ambient light image. I did this photo should by myself without an assistant so I had to rely on the available light. In this picture I used the "layering" technique to create depth. In the foreground, we have a car on the left. The main subject placed on the right is the couple. Finally the background is made of the beautiful brick buildings on Hazelton Lane. 

Why Is This a Good Photo?

This is a striking photo for a few reasons. First, I froze the motion by capturing Taylor in midair. Second the lighting is impeccable in this image. Third the expressions of the engaged couple make this an even more powerful photograph. Finally, the composition completes this image. The main subject, the couple, is perfectly balanced by the car on the left. In all my wedding day or engagement environmental portraits I give the couples a bit more  visual emphasis.  In the meantime, I balance the photo by adding another visual element in the opposite side of the frame (in this case the car).

Location: 14 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2E2.

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