Modern Engagement Photos in Distillery District
Photography by Calin
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Modern Engagement Photos in Distillery District

For this spread, I selected to modern engagement photos to contrast with the historical buildings in the Distillery District. 

The image on the left was created with the help of a prop borrowed from one of the stores in the area. As such, pick the balloons and shot the quick frame depicting the couple hogging and kissing next to the balloons. Coincidentally the red and white balloons match perfectly Katerina's dress and her skintone.

The next picture is more elaborate, reminding of a Vogue magazine photograph. The couple are leaning onto an old truck and Katerina is posing for the camera. Meanwhile, Taylor is looking towards Katerina to create a virtual leading line towards her.

What makes this spread stand out?

These two pictures look as if they are frames from a prohibition era film. There are a few elements that make these two images stand out. First the colour theme makes the subject's shine. The muted brown tones of the brick wall behind the couple matching the rusty truck emphasize Katerina's red dress. Next, the truck's orientation in the right picture creates a diagonal, which gives this image a dynamic feel. Even more important, the lights in this images is phenomenal. The golden light before the sunset is soft, creates beautiful skin tones and makes the images look magic.

Location: 21 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.

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