Stunning Distillery District Engagement Photo
Photography by Calin
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Stunning Distillery District Engagement Photo

This stunning image is the most beautiful engagement photo taken in the Distillery District I have ever seen. It combines a few composition elements, enhanced by a beautiful light to create a visual masterpiece.

Why Is This Engagement Photo Unique?

Where do we start? First, I created this image by shooting through two truck windows which become framing devices for the couple. Second, I posed Katerina in such way that we can see her and her reflection in the truck's windshield. Truth be told, lock played a role here. If the sun was in a different position I could have not achieved this image. The side light is known to increase texture. In this image, the sidelight makes the brick wall behind the couple a beautiful backdrop. Finally, the tight crop around the couple and the balance achieved between the subjects and Katerina's reflection contribute to the creation of this outstanding engagement picture. Maybe the most important at all the pose of Katharina and Taylor complete this shot. She looks into the camera with her eyes half open, which gives the image a very sensual feel. Meanwhile, Taylor looks transposed and we the viewer if you like a voyeur catching an intimate moment of the couple. This photo was heavily influenced by  a famous fashion photographer, Helmut Newton.


Location: 21 Gristmill Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4.

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