Toronto Botanical Garden Engagement Album Spread
Photography by Calin
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Toronto Botanical Garden Engagement Album Spread

This Is yet another album spread where the main subject of the two engagement photos are Katerina's Wifey for Lifey sandals. No matter if I take a Toronto Botanical Garden wedding or engagement photo, the brides' shoes will always receive their deserved attention. 

The image on the left features Katerina and Taylor hugging each other. Katerina is holding her shoes towards the camera so you can read the text on their soles. The image on the right is a variation of the first one but this time the focus was on the shoes.

Why Are These Engagement Photos Different?

Besides a beautiful backdrop offered by  the vegetation in Toronto Botanical Garden, the shoes create an element of interest in these two engagement images. Besides that, the shallow depth of field makes the subjects "jump out of the picture". In terms of composition, I used the Golden spiral to create these exquisite images.

Location: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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