Engagement Photos in Toronto Botanical Garden
Photography by Calin
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Romantic Engagement Photos in Toronto Botanical Garden

There are a few reasons why Toronto Botanical Garden wedding an engagement photos look gorgeous. The main one is the multitude of species of plants residing in Edward Gardens.

The main picture of this spread features Katerina and Taylor kissing behind an ampersand sign. The fact of you cannot see their faces makes this a mysterious photo. The backlight during the golden hour and the beautiful vegetation behind the couple increase the power of this image.

What Makes These Engagement Photos Special?

The photo on the left is unique because of the unusual angle through which I photograph the couple. They are holding hands and I photographed Katerina from waist level. As a result, the blue sky becomes a beautiful backdrop matching Katerina's blue dress. Also, in this shot I used a photography technique called framing. The trees on the left or right of the image frame Katerina so that she's undoubtably the subject of the shot. Finally, the linear clouds formed leading lines and Katerina is at their intersection.

The image on the right is intriguing because of its mysterious nature. Also, the richness of the colours in the unique composition make this beautiful image. Speaking of composition, the subjects are placed according to the Golden spiral composition rule.

Location: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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