Unique Toronto Botanical Garden Engagement Photo
Photography by Calin
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Unique Toronto Botanical Garden Engagement Photo

This is a unique image, and one of my favourite Toronto Botanical Garden wedding an engagement photos.

Before we started this part of the engagement session, Katerina mentioned to me she loves her shoes and she wants a few photos of them. She wore a pair of Sophia Webster's "Wife for Lifey" sandals. While I don't have a shoe fetish, I can definitely appreciate a beautiful pair of sandals and these "Wife for Lifey" shoes were phenomenal. They look like angels shoes if you wish, so I decided to give them the proper attention. As such, this double album spread features only Katerina and Taylor's feet and more specifically the shoes.

How Did I Create This Beautiful Engagement Photo

No matter from what perspective you look at this image, it is a beautiful engagement photo. No matter if I shoot a Toronto Botanical Garden wedding or engagement shoot in the desert, my thought process is the same. First, look for good light, the main ingredient in photography. Second, I direct the couple so their pose matches the ambient and the direction of  light. After that, I set the exposure and decide on the photographic technique. By that I mean I decide what lens I will use, what that the field and so on.

For the shot I had to drop to the ground and to shoot while lying on my belly. This intriguing perspective makes this a first-class engagement image. The beautiful light right before the sunset also contributes to the uniqueness of this shot.

Location: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2.

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