Beautiful Bride Before Wedding Ceremony
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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Beautiful Bride Before Her Wedding Ceremony at King Edward Hotel

Among the several hundred weddings I photographed in my career this marriage in the Crystal Ballroom at King Edward Hotel is one of the most beautiful has one of my favourites.

The Story of this Image and Some Technical Considerations

I remember the bridal party was getting ready to head towards the beautiful ballroom when I asked the bride to give me five minutes of her time to take a few portraits of her. For this particular image, I instructed her to look outside the window and to think about her future life is a married woman. The huge windows create a very soft light that sculpts the beautiful bride's face. She is holding a white bouquet and has a very royal look. I have to admit that among the many weddings I did at this splendid hotel in downtown Toronto this is probably one of the most beautiful portraits I ever took. The massive negative space on the left of the frame, the bride gazing towards the right of the frame and her placement close to the edge create tension in this picture.

To capture this portrait, I used a 56mm f1.2 lens mounted on a Fujifilm XT2 camera. To preserve the white of the wall behind the bride and to ensure the proper exposure I overexposed the image by almost 2 stops.

Post processing was easy: I did a bit of skin softening, colour correction and adjusted the horizontals.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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