Bride is Getting Her Makeup Done
Photography by Calin
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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Bride is Getting Her Makeup Done at King Edward Hotel Wedding

A long time ago, one of the top photographers in the world at Christman Studios has taught me the priceless lesson. In wedding photography one has to get low, get high, get close, get far and get dirty. In other words, the professional photographer should very he delivers a variety of images. While the bride was getting ready, I attempted to capture the moments from different angles. This particular photograph declined on a chair and using my 35mm lens mounted on a Fujifilm XT2 a managed to create this artistic portrait of the bride having her makeup done. The beauty of the Fujifilm cameras is that they have tilt screen, which increases the number of the good photographs I can get. That is compared to my former Canon system.

From a composition standpoint this image has a dynamic feel given by the position the makeup artist and the beautiful bride, the two subjects of the shot. To create a virtual diagonal through the frame, I placed the makeup artist towards the top left of the image while the bride is located at the bottom right. The makeup artist's hand and brush create a leading line that draws the viewer's attention towards the bride.

If I were to photograph this wedding at King Edward again, I would probably clear the table behind the bride of the unnecessary clutter.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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