Bride and Groom at King Edward Hotel
Photography by Calin
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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Bride and Groom At King Edward Hotel

During each wedding reception at King Edward Hotel I asked the couple to join me for a quick night photo shoot. This is something that takes about 5 to 10 minutes but those images last a lifetime. Here we can see the bride and groom holding each other on the second floor of the beautiful hotel. They are masterfully framed by the columns that adorn the establishment. As a side note, I love using those columns but only for the couple photos but also for the bridal party and family photographs.

The way like to set up the photo shoot is as follows: first, myself and my second shooter will check the timeline to make sure there is nothing scheduled in the next half an hour. Next, I approached the couple and asked them if they are inclined to join me for night photo shoot. Of course, during my consultations with the bride and groom I always mention my intention of taking not only daylight and sunset photos but also night images. As such my request on the big day is not a surprise.

After that, my second shooter and I set up the light so that everything is ready to go when the couple comes out.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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