Bride Walks Down the Aisle with Her Father
Photography by Calin
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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Bride Walks Down the Aisle With Her Father

The most emotional moment of the big day was when the bride walked down the aisle at King Edward Hotel escorted by her father.

How To Capture the Arrival of the Bride

The way I capture this kind of images is as follows. After I take a few photographs of the ballroom, I placed myself at the end of the aisle to capture the processional. At the beginning of the ceremony, I direct my second photographer to stand either besides me or to wait for the bride's arrival and to photograph her walking down the aisle from behind the ballroom. Ideally, my calling would be able to frame and capture the groom's reaction between the bride and her father's heads.

This approach has its merits and can often result in award winning photographs. A word of caution though: the danger is that if anything goes wrong with the lead photographers equipment, you wouldn't be able to immortalize this important moment. If that is the case, there should be a seamless system between the two photographers to inform the second shooter that he should run the front of the room to take those images of the beautiful bride.

How to Avoid Technical Failures

One of the photographers' nightmare is to have their equipment fail on the wedding day. The best solution against such a situation is to have a backup handy. That is the reason why I always shoot with two camera bodies and I have a third camera in my bag.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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