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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Groom Laughing at King Edward Hotel Wedding

During the groom preparation for his wedding ceremony I had the opportunity to capture some candid moments. Every couple special day is peppered with joy, tears and wide range of emotions. After all, the special event is an important milestone in everybody's life.

As such, it is not uncommon for me to see the couple shed a few tears not to mention the emotional parents always cry during their child preparation. As a parent myself, I can totally relate to that. The big day marks the end of an era and the parents are overwhelmed with joy and the often shed tears of happiness before and during the ceremony and especially during the speeches.

To capture this beautiful portraits of the groom, I asked him to stay close to face the window at the beautiful King Edward hotel. The dark wall behind him created the perfect backdrop for the groom's portrait. To make the image more believable I asked the groom to put on his cufflinks and to laugh without any reason. The latter part always works because my request is so ridiculous, the subject has no choice but to laugh at it.

As a Toronto wedding photographer I learned that the experience I provide my clients is very important. Often the experience is even more important that the quality of the imagery I deliver to my couples. By no means am I saying that my photos are bad. Oh, no! It is just that my clients are delighted with my services even before the see one image.

I often had couples come and thank me at the end of the day for my hard work and the beautiful photos I took even though they never saw even one shot. Such important is the impression we leave and the quality of the experience, that this year about 30% of all my weddings came through referrals.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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