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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Groom Sitting on Armchair at King Edward Hotel Wedding

I have to admit that I love the bride and groom preparation. First, I have the opportunity to take beautiful portraits in a controlled environment. As wedding photojournalist I love capturing candid moments throughout the big day but I also love creating opportunities for phenomenal photographs. After all,

you are as good as your clients and if they don't open up and give you the right emotions, you are at a disadvantage. That is why I always encourage my couples to be themselves and ignore the camera. I know, we have been programmed since we were kids to pose in front of the camera. Therefore, we are also very camera aware and find it difficult to meet ourselves when we see the intimidating lens pointing at us.

Fortunately, the bride and groom at this wedding at King Edward Hotel were professional actors, very familiar with how a photo shoot works. As such, it wasn't difficult for me to take splendid portraits of the couple such as this one.

Here, I asked the groom to sit in one of the armchairs at the hotel and to turn his face towards the window. That gave the groom a perfect lighting
that sculpted his handsome face.

I hinted at the fact I wanted a joyful expression in the groom was happy to oblige. While this might not be an award winning photograph, for the new family is very important. That is why taking good portraits of the bride and the groom is crucial for the professional photographer.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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