Groom is Watching His Bride Walk Down the Aisle
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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Groom is watching his bride walk down the aisle

During the wedding ceremony processional at King Edward Hotel I made sure I capture the groom's reaction when he saw his beautiful bride.

How to Capture the Groom's Reaction During the Processional

A professional wedding photographer has to capture the moment when the groom sees his beautiful bride walked down the aisle. Many of my couples asked me to make sure I don't miss that shot. Often, the processional is unfolding in rapid succession with the flower girl walking down the aisle followed by the wedding party. As a side note, right before the bride's arrival, I always change my flash battery so that the refresh time is quick. I don't miss any moments because my flash didn't trigger.

Sometimes, the photographer has only a short window of opportunity to catch the groom's reaction. If the groom's expression is not good, that means the artist will miss the shot. In order to avoid this kind of situation, I always instruct the groom to look towards the entrance and smile. That way, I'm sure that I have the picture the bride wants. Of course, they change the timestamp of the photograph so that the story flows well.

I particularly love this approach in very small venues where you have probably 10 seconds to capture the bride walking down the aisle. If the light is dim and the bride walks fast, the chances of capturing a beautiful image dropped dramatically. Hence, my tip on directing the groom to look towards the entrance and smile is priceless.

What I like about this image is that even the priest in the background is looking towards the bride smiling. While we cannot see the bride, we can sense her presence, which increases the tension in the frame and makes this picture more interesting.

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Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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