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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Groomsman Winks at King Edward Hotel Wedding

I love this documentary wedding photograph captured at King Edward Hotel. While the members of the wedding party were walking down the aisle, I noticed the groomsman winking towards one of his buddies. Therefore, I took the opportunity to capture this candid moment that in all honesty, the bride and groom loved and decided to included in their wedding album.

Why I Love This Photo

There are a few reasons why this image is valuable not only for the newlyweds couple, but also from a photography standpoint. It is the asymmetrical yet balanced composition of that makes this image stand out. Next, the contrast between the bridesmaid and the groomsmen reaction and facial expressions is hilarious. On the one hand, the bridesmaid looks like she is is dreaming of her own wedding. Meanwhile, the groomsman is in a very good mood and signals that to his friends were sitting in the pew. He can see him winking here and his face is almost saying: look at me, to like this girl walking beside me?

Image Post Processing

Many wedding photographers consider post processing less important than the actual moments that were immortalized. In my opinion that is a big mistake. All the steps are important in photography, from the moment when the action happens, to the technique (lens choice, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc.) to the final product delivered to the bride and groom. In fact, I saw award winning photographers covert regular images in pieces of art through post processing techniques.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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