Portrait of The Bride and Her Father
Photography by Calin
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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Portrait of The Bride and Her Father at King Edward Hotel Wedding

This portrait of the beautiful bride and her father was captured before the wedding ceremony that took place in the Crystal Ballroom at King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto.

I always try to take a few photos of the close family during the bridal preparation and this wedding was no different. The splendid King Edward Hotel offers plenty of phenomenal backdrops appropriate for family photos.

Candid Moments During Family Portrait Session

As an experienced wedding photographer, I learned that some of the most beautiful moments happen between the shots. While I take family photographs always pay attention to the reactions of the guests and family and try to capture them. Here I asked the bride and her father to post for me and after I took my shot, I noticed a soft moment between the father and his daughter. As such, I immediately took the opportunity to capture this beautiful photograph. After the big day, the bride confessed this is one of her favourites. To preserve the photojournalistic nature of the image I chose a black and white processing
so that the viewer can focus on the intensity of the moment without being distracted by colours.

The composition is dynamic and is dictated by the position of the subject heads in the frame. The bride is slightly taller than her father which creates an imaginary oblique line through the frame giving it dynamism.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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