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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Stunning Bridal Portrait at King Edward Hotel Wedding

During this bride preparation at King Edward Hotel I had the opportunity to take quite a few photographs of the bride getting ready. However, one of my objectives is to take a few bridal portraits after she gets dressed in her wedding gown right before the ceremony. I find that these are some of the most emotional images I can capture that day. Why is that the case?

Best Time To Take Bridal Portraits

In my wedding photography career I learned that before the ceremony one can take some really emotional photographs of the bride and groom. The tension is high and it is not unusually for the couple shed a tear or express the most beautiful smile in front of my camera.

Here, I instructed the bride to stand in front of a white wall, which gives the image a very polished, studio like look. To increase the tension in the photograph I left plenty of negative space to the right of the bride. That is a trick I learned from an editor. If you want your weddings to be published, you have to leave a bit the space around your subjects for copy. That contradicts one of the rules of photography that states that you shall fill the frame whenever possible.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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