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King Edward Hotel Wedding

Two Stories at King Edward Hotel Wedding

A wedding photographer is two things: first, he's a problem solver. On the wedding day there are plenty of things that can go wrong. No matter how detailed and well prepared the timeline is, chances are the bride will run late. It is often the wedding professionals that are blamed for that, but the truth is that the bride is the one who wants to look perfect on her special day. As such, she's the one who often requires her makeup or hair redone. It is just human nature and nobody is to blame. However, as a professional photographer, I always ask my brides to build time buffers on their timelines.

Also, the artist has to deal with unexpected situations regarding weather changes, lighting conditions, time crunches and so on. I remember that once I was given only two minutes to photograph the bridal party. Truth be told, the novice photographer could never pull off such a feat.

Second, the photographer is also the story teller. His job is to document your special day to the best of his ability. Here, the experience accumulated over the years plays an immense role.

Two Layers Make a Stronger Photograph

What makes this particular image strong is the juxtaposition of the two layers. In the foreground we have the best man walking the bride towards the aisle. On the left-hand side of the frame, in the background, we see the groom laughing. The two separate stories converge into one image that captures the essence of the big day.

Location: 37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1E9.

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